Case Study: Tempest Premium Reader Experience

Role: Product Design + Front-end implementation

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What is Tempest?

Tempest is a full service publishing platform designed to create, distribute and monetize digital content for enterprise customers. Tempest supports all areas of modern day publishing: responsive web design, social publishing, and making content accessible in places like AMP, Apple News and Facebook Pages. By combining technology, tools, services and yield management, Tempest helps publishers of digital magazines build audiences, businesses and brands.

Designing For an Ad-Free Experience

Design and implement a beautiful, high-end, ad free experience for subscribed users. This project will result in a reading experience of a single column design without ads. Many digital publishers depend entirely on advertising revenue, but payments have historically been an essential part of many publishing businesses. The Tempest platform is uniquely positioned to bring together technology, scale and control of the experience in order to provide a viable subscription offering for publishers.

Two examples of the Tempest Premium Reader Experience

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