Work In Progress: Tempest Playlists

Role: Design Owner

This is a sneak peek behind the scenes of my current project, Tempest Playlists. This is not yet a finished project, so final layouts and flow likely to change.

The Task: 

Integrate the JWPlayer API into Tempest so users can create the playlist on our platform. At this point, I've gone through all the API documentation to see what's available to us, and created a workflow based on those specs, keeping what works, removing what doesn't, and making it all make sense in our platform. 

The next steps are to work with product and engineering on the flow, and how we could break up the project work. Over the course of the next couple of days, I'm meeting with some editors (users) of the product to run them through a series of questions we have about workflow. After the flow is buttoned up, I'll go through the screens for a final polish, take a deeper look at things like button styles/text, icons, interactions and mobile views. 

I like to layout a flow both a Realtime board and a clickable prototype for big UX projects like this. I think the prototype is helpful for the 'feel' of the experience (does clicking here take me where I expect to go?) and the static board is more clear for engineering to take a look at the scope and flow of work, and reference throughout the build. You'll see newly updated mocks on the Realtime Board, as I've continued to update there. The prototype definitely served its purpose, but since I have the main user flow mapped, I haven't updated with minor UI changes.

This is a screen from the Dynamic Playlist Composer. Please see the RealTime Board for the full user flow.

This is a screen from the Manual Playlist Composer. Please see the RealTime Board for the full user flow.

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