Tempest Publisher Revenue Reporting Dashboard Prototype

This is an internal tool viewable only by publishers that shows how much money they are making through yield advertising slots on Tempest.

Wider Content Well Prototype

This prototype illustrates a layout change for article pages. By creating a sticky 300x600 right rail ad, and adjusting the layout of embedded media, we increased advertising revenue for Tempest publishers by over 50% per page.

Content Recirculation Navigation Prototype Part I

This navigation component recommends related content for the reader while browsing through detail content.

Content Recirculation Navigation Prototype Part II

This prototype illustrates the interaction between home/hub pages (section navigation) and detail content pages (recommended content navigation).

Tempest Products Prototype

The addition of Tempest Products to the platform gives publishers the ability to display products with many attributes and affiliate links to boost revenue. This prototype illustrates the ability of the user to hide/show attributes when many are present.

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