Content Recirculation for Tempest

Role: Design Owner

What is Tempest?

Tempest is a full service publishing platform and CMS designed to create, distribute and monetize digital content for enterprise customers. Tempest supports all areas of modern day publishing: responsive web design, social publishing, and making content accessible in places like AMP, Apple News and Facebook Pages. By combining technology, tools, services and yield management, Tempest helps over 100 publishers of digital magazines build audiences, businesses and brands.

The Problem

The goal of this project is to increase reader time on site by designing a content recommendation component (powered by LiftIgniter) that is consistent across several locations on sites. This component will be tested using Google Content Experiments with the goal of determining the most valuable placement of the recommendation component. 


The gallery below illustrates the design that we used for the first round of tests. We are currently testing these designs over several of our sites, gaining insight into which location performs the best on different types of content. Next steps are to build in a configuration tool per site (the ability to turn the component on and off based on location),

Additional Resources

Examples gathered of content recirculation across Tempest sites in the past 

Annotated mocks for engineering collaboration.

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